Since its start in the beginning of the 90’s, Tommy Lilja Ministries has developed into a missions organization that is a part of what Jesus is doing all over the world today. One of Tommy’s core values is that Christian ministry is never the work of one individual! Everything Jesus does, he does through the believers who together make up Jesus’ church. That is why Tommy Lilja Ministries is a ministry made up of many individuals and churches whose purpose is to “live to help as many as possible.”

Our strength is in numbers: many people working together side by side towards the same goal – Jesus’ final commission.

It’s been a long journey, from Romania in the early 90’s – Tommy and his church were one of the first mission organizations on location after the revolution – to the international impact the ministry is having today.

In the beginning the ministry concentrated on aid, Bible teaching and helping small churches. The foundation for what the ministry has developed into was laid in 1996 with the start of Operation Great Exodus, whose goal is to help Jews home to Israel.

A few years after that, TLM’s Gospel Crusades got their start, and quickly became the largest aspect of the organization’s now global ministry.

Today, Tommy Lilja Ministries is a global voice in the Christian world. Books like “The Jews – Heroes of Eternity”, “Believing Faith”, and “The Creation Code” are some of Tommy’s most sought-after books, translated into several languages.