One of my friends who is a physician always gives the patient a pamphlet on the medicine he prescribes. He tells the patient…you MUST read this, to understand the ALL POWERFUL WHY. The genius of this Dr’s advice is that he understands that the greatest motivation comes not just from knowing what medicine to take, but by knowing why one should take it, and what happens if one doesn’t take as prescribed.

We find this also when we deal with our children. Many times we focus on what we want our child to do, but fail to show them why they should do it. For instance…if I tell my son to brush his teeth regularly (what to do) and expect him to do it because I said so, that would be one thing. However, if I tell him he needs to brush his teeth, or he will develop cavities, and have to go to the dentist who will stick a needle deep into his gums, drill his teeth, and maybe even pull one…

Or, if I tell him that if he does brush his teeth, he will have a beautiful smile and more people will like him, he will be more successful, marry the prettiest girl, etc.

I have given him the ALL POWERFUL WHY, and I will be buying more tooth paste.

We find this too is critical when we make an offer or an appeal on a broadcast. If we only describe the product or the mission, and only talk about what it is and what needs to be done, we will fall short in getting the audience response we desire.

But if we give them THE ALL POWERFUL WHY, we will be amazed at the difference in response.

One of our clients does this so well, and his broadcast gets tremendous response. When offering a book or teaching series, he tells the viewer, “the reason we have produced these materials is to help you study the Bible for yourself…it is vital that you study God’s word and develop the knowledge of how to function in God’s kingdom… people perish for the lack of knowledge …we help you acquire the understanding of how to function, succeed and prosper in God’s kingdom. Without this knowledge, you will be ineffective; frustrated …this is WHY we have prepared these materials. (My paraphrase).

In other words, tell what is in the product and why one must have it. In my opinion, the fundamentals of effective direct marketing advertising have not the product, extol the benefits, and ask for the order.

Extolling the benefits is giving people the ALL POWERFUL WHY… What the product will do for the viewer if he orders it,and how he will suffer if he doesn’t.