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  • Are you getting the most value from your current media budget?
  • Are your various marketing departments working together?
  • Are you prepared for growth?


Growth. Expansion. multiplication.


Media Audit

At BMCFerrell, we take the lessons learned from our vast experience and compiled them into a single process that will strategically grow your church. We call it a Media Audit.

Our consultants will come to your site, spend a day with your team, conduct a comprehensive media evaluation and discover key insights to your growth. Then, we will walk alongside you until you reach your goals. 



Television | Radio | PRint | social | Digital | online


For more information about the BMCFerrell Media Audit please fill out the form below and a representative will reach out to you.  As a thank you for filling out our form we want to give you a free gift, 10 Common Mistakes Made in an Agency Relationship!