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“Discipleship, Leadership, and Relationship”

Steve Kelly – www.wavechurch.com

With over two decades of full-time ministry to draw from, Pastor Steve Kelly is a leading voice for a new generation of believers —a generation that builds its hope on the abundance of God’s grace and the gift of His righteousness. Pastor Steve’s humorous, personal, and practical style of preaching complements the anointing he has as a preacher of the Word of God. His dynamic messages have always been centered on the gospel of the grace of God based on the finished work of Jesus Christ. Over the years, Pastor Steve’s ministry has led thousands of people into a relationship with Jesus Christ, afresh as they see His love, goodness and grace.

In January 1999 he and his wife, Sharon, came to America with a distinct calling to pastor a church in the Hampton Roads area. Their desire was to build relationships with friends of like faith and spirit in America and all over the world so that “Iron would sharpen iron” and the gospel would be spread to the four corners of the earth.

His intention for the first couple of years was to get settled in Virginia Beach and focus primarily on the church there. To his surprise, God’s time frame was not only to do that but to begin immediately relating to and cooperating with churches around the United States and the world. As a result, they hosted their first Networking Summit the same year as their arrival in 1999. Since then, the amount of interest expressed by pastors and churches to identify with Wave Network has increased dramatically.