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“God has not called me to be successful; He has called me to be faithful.” -Mother Teresa

In His Words

Ben Ferrell

INTEGRITY: It has been said, “Integrity is all we have” and “a good name is more desirable than great riches.” Since 1973, integrity has been the foundational principle of BMCFerrell.

RESULTS: Behind the scenes, we work to achieve results for the expansion of God’s kingdom. This is our passion. There is nothing more exciting than helping you expand the reach of God’s word. We love to see you build relationships with those you reach and encourage each one in their walk with Jesus. We want to bring you listeners and viewers, then turn them into partners.

LOYALTY: The average duration of our major clientele is 15.5 years. Our meritorious service on behalf of these God-given covenant relationships typically leads to long-term associations.

LEGACY: Throughout our history, we have seen many firsts. We have been one of the first to place American programs in countries like Japan, Brazil, Mexico, and China, as well as major networks like CNBC, USA, VH1, The Nashville Network and STAR TV.

We were one of the firsts to develop the concept of offering books, tapes and other resources on air as a premium for the viewer’s donation. The motive was to further the impact and to develop the spiritual life of the person. We continue to create promotional spots that receive tremendous response.

The privilege of representing JOYCE MEYER MINISTRIES for 15 years, and other great ministries, has afforded me the opportunity to travel the world setting up local, regional, national and international outlets for their television and radio programs. At one point, Joyce Meyer was on the air more than Oprah.

STEWARDSHIP: Our team is committed to help maximize your ministry’s investment in media. Through careful planning, extensive relationships with stations and networks, and ongoing analysis, we help you to be good stewards of God’s money.

REACH: Our clients programs have aired in every populated continent in the world. What nations are on your heart?


Ben operated his own ministry for many years, so he understands the needs of his clients. He has extensive experience in fundraising, direct mail production, project management, media placement and program development.


We help you blend traditional and interactive media to reach and minister to the greatest audience possible. Our team of professionals constantly develops this model. Traditional media (television, radio and print) are still highly effective, yet greatly enhanced by emerging media.

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Ben Ferrell is an accomplished singer, songwriter and radio show host. His music and audio programs can be heard at

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